Omni-Channel Retailing, kiosks, mobile tablets and apps...

Kiosks, tablets and apps

Many suppliers can provide a Retail or Commerce system, but if you want to offer your customers a complete multi-channel service then you need a company that understands retailing.


Released in 2012, Medoc's portfolio for multi-channel retail includes mobile ordering through kiosks, mobile tablets and downloaded apps. The software has successfully been used in Premier League and major Stadia. Customers can browse your merchandise or food and beverage range; place their order and pay for it... The software offers options for delivery or collect. You are free to set up multiple collection locations; or you can deliver to the customer's seat, or even allow customers to select home delivery.


The software automatically uploads the product and stock range; generates a 'pick' document for your staff; emails the customer with their receipt and registers the sale in your zTSM Merchandising system. Easy to setup, easy to manage, and low-cost management.


Kiosks can be used for queue busting for food or drink ordering, or shirt-printing or... the options are endless...



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